Top Niche Laboratory Niches Revealed… Is Your Niche Here?

In this episode of NicheLaboratory.TV I walk through the top 30 or so niches researched on the free Niche Laboratory keyword finding service.

Is your niche in the top 30? Is it in the top 10? Watch the video on NicheLaboratory.TV to find out.

Why Do Newbies Love Tough Niches?

I’ve been making money online for over 20 years now. So I’ve spent a fair amount of time on forums like the Warrior Forum. I see time and time again that newbies make a big mistake of starting a blog in a really tough niche!

What are tough niches?

I would say that the toughest niches newbies to choose are:

  • Weight loss
  • Forex (although this seems be falling out of fashion as more people are trading Bitcoins/digital currencies
  • Dogs and dog training
  • Travel
  • SEO
  • Making money online
  • Health
  • Babies
  • Weddings

If you choose any of these niches then be careful because these niches are super popular with bloggers. You’re gonna have a whole lot of competition on your hands!

So how do you choose less competitive niches, and do such niches exist?

First off, there are plenty of niches where you can still do well.

My tip if you’re not sure about a niche is to try putting up a free blogger blog. Write a few articles and see if you get any visitors. See an example here where I’m testing the TEFL/English teaching overseas niche. So far my new site has bombed but that’s OK because I am in plenty of other niches where getting traffic is a lot easier!

If you’re doing keyword research using a tool like Niche Laboratory or Keyword Researcher Pro then another tip is to search for longer phrases. Many Niche Laboratory users search for one or two word phrases (here’s the statistics if you’re interested). However, you’ll generally find less competitive niches if you search for 3+ word phrases.

Some niches you might think are saturated aren’t. Take dating for example. I have done a bit in this niche and my niche sites are doing very well. I also noticed that a couple of ClickBank products in this niche have disappeared from the MarketPlace. That’s a shame because my site visitors really liked them. Well this is a massive opportunity to make easy money by replacing them with my own products!

Clothing is another niche that you think might be saturated. In fact I tried a couple of websites in this niche and pretty much got traffic straight away. Clothing is good because there are just so many keywords to look for. And the competition is pretty poor to be honest. Clothing blogs are for the most part complete rubbish!

One other tip – the Niche Laboratory Pro keyword finding Windows app now has an adult keywords mode. There are massive opportunities in, er, weird niches. In fact I am currently testing out a niche which I think will be gigantic in a few years. I found this keyword while doing a Niche Laboratory Pro test run on a completely different niche!

So that was an overview of the top niches being researched by Niche Laboratory users. If you have any questions or comments about niche choosing then leave feedback below.

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