My NEW Tool Finds The FASTEST Growing YouTube Channels

What are the fastest growing YouTube channels in a particular niche? In this video I demonstrate how I added a tool to my YouTube directory site FindAChannel.Net that allows you to find rapidly growing channels in pretty much ANY niche.

Check out the new tool here: FindAChannel Influencer Search.

Are you worried that niches like weight loss, finance, crypto or fitness are just too competitive and saturated these days? On the contrary, my tool shows that there are numerous creators doing extremely well in these supposedly tough niches. What’s more is that many sucessful creators only started their YouTube channels in the last 1-3 years!

By the way FindAChannel.Net is completely 100% free to use. I built it back in 2021 when I had a lot of time on my hands (for some reason) and used it as an exercise to learn .NET Core.

Oh and if you spot any really awesome new channels then let us know in the comments below.

Incidentally the tool doesn’t work for every niche and it only works in the English language. It does continually add new niches to its database though. At the time of writing there were 408,909 YouTube channels indexed and 7,606 niches had been researched by the site’s AI engine.

Fast Growing Channels – Case Studies

Let’s take a look at some of the channels I featured in the video and try to work out how we can be as successful as they are!

Trading Lab

Details here:

This finance channel is 2.5 years old and already has 45 million views.

This channel is only 2 and a half years old but has incredible views. The most obvious thing they’ve got right is their thumbnails. I’ve discovered on my own channels that vibrant colours work well, but this channel takes it to extremes.

Just look at their thumbs – they really stand out against duller competitors! Next time you make a thumbnail, try cranking up that saturation to the max!

As for the channel’s videos themselves, two super hot these emerge:

  • The first is that this channel tells stories. People always love stories, so if you’re not making story based content, give it a go.
  • The other videos on the channel primarily deploy what’s called the curiosity gap. This is an obvious winning strategy because he used it in the latest 3 videos at the time of writing of this blog post.

Priscy’s Corner

Details here:

This make money online channel is just over 2 years old and has over 1.7 million views.

Who doesn’t need extra money? Priscy’s Corner is just over 2 years old, but just look at those views!

What’s amazing about this channel is hardly any of her videos are flops. This is a newtuber who really knows their audience.

Making money from side hustles can be a shady niche but I love how Priscy overcomes our natural suspicions by offering proof of her own earnings. Plus the thumbs immediately start answering our biggest fears regarding scams, having to spend money to make money and so on.

By the way, another thing priscy has done well is to largely stick to her local geographic area when it comes to getting viewers. Many of the videos are aimed at a South African audience. I see this in my own technology niche where Indian youtubers creating content for the home audience are generating millions upon millions of views.

Oh and if you think your local area is too small, here’s a channel that is approaching half a million views just by vlogging about a small English coastal town:

The Squeeze

Details here:

This is a wellbeing channel with 90,000 subscribers. It’s only a year old!

This channel is just over a year old and has over 9 million views. I have no idea who this couple are and I suspect they’ve growth hacked their channel by already having a strong personal brand.

What I’ve noticed is that they’re generally making podcasts. Depending on your niche these can work really well.

If you’re struggling with watch time then podcasts can generate insane amounts of watch time.

Like this couple, consider interviewing other content creators in your niche. A secret tip I’ve seen work well is to re-edit your live streams and turn the best bits into Shorts and highlights videos. A few gaming and vTuber channels have been extremely successful at this.


Details here:

This new fishing channel has gained 783,000 subs and 662 million views in just 6 months.

This channel has insane views. Fishing is a fairly competitive niche. What this channel has done is to find a new angle, literally. Most angling channels film above water. This channel primarily films underwater. It’s been a winning formula.

So do some brainstorming and see if you can come up with a new way of presenting content in your niche.

I hope you found this video and blog post useful. Remember to check out

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