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Site News – Niches Researched 4 U

I’ve added a chart to the sample projects page. This shows you how popular each of the 10+ sample niches are. At the time of writing, “weight loss” is running away with it, and “teach english” has flopped. I’m kind of upset about the teaching English niche flopping as I’ve just started a test blog in the niche (have a read here).

Of all the sample projects, I’d say that “cat toys” has the best potential for a niche site. Since I put the cat sample project on the site my Google Search Console has been filling up with cat related long tail keywords. Go ahead and try this niche – it’s not one I’m interested in (though I love cats!).

What Have I Been Doing This Month?

I’ve been looking at finding some dummy questions to populate my new Answers type site. I had a minor success story in that the first real user posted a question on the site. And it was on topic as well.

The Google Keyword Planner is still one of the best keyword tools around. My tip is that instead of seeding it with a niche keyword, put in your competitor’s URL!

Competitor of the Month

If you’ve not seen it before then check out the keyword tool at http://answerthepublic.com.

It’s got a very strange website design, but it’s definitely got people talking about it!

As to the keywords it produces – it works well in some niches but is rubbish in others. It tends to do well in larger, mainstream niches.

It’s good at giving you Q&A type keywords that are great for blogging about.

I wouldn’t say it’s worse or better than Niche Laboratory. It obviously uses very different data sources to what I’ve used on Niche Laboratory.

Here’s my video review of AnswerThePublic:

To get the maximum number of ideas, always use several keyword tools!

Tip of the Month

Stay organised by using Trello. I’ve been using this brilliant free tool for over a year now. I use it to keep track of all the enhancements I want to make to my niche sites. I also use it to keep a log of all the keywords I find that would make great blog articles.

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