Dig Out More Niches With Our Free Physical Niche Finder Tool

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In this video I walk through the new Physical Niche Finder tool I’ve just added to the website:

The Physical Niche Finder is a new service I’ve added onto the Niche Laboratory website.

Use it to find niches where you can sell physical products, or even establish a real world service or product instead of messing around with blogs and ecommerce stores.

The Physical Niche Finder will also tell you how much competition from other bloggers you’re likely to see in a particular niche.

Don’t worry if you have no idea what to blog or start a business about either. There’s a Lucky Dip feature on the niche finding tool that allows you to view some completely random suggestions. People make millions of dollars a year from just about all of these niches, so isn’t it time you got a piece of the action?

Remember that if you’re not a native English speaker then you can always try starting a niche website in your own native language and for a specific country. The English speaking markets are pretty much saturated these days, but that’s not always the case with markets in other parts of the world.

Try looking for local business opportunities too. There are some great opportunities in local, plus it’s often easier to get good rankings – especially if you have a legitimate business.

Finally don’t forget anything you might have specific knowledge of that’s relating to your day job. I started my first software business after seeing a software utility being used where I worked. A few months later and I’d rolled out my own version of it. I went on to sell over 1000 copies of it to companies all over the world.

If you have any questions about choosing a niche then leave a comment below. Also remember to LIKE this video as it’ll encourage me to build you more free niche researching tools!

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