Buy Niche Laboratory Pro, Get This FREE Bonus!

I’ve added a free gift to Niche Laboratory Pro. Now when you buy Niche Laboratory Pro you’ll get a free 33 page guide – the Niche Laboratory + FindAForum Niche Site Insider Guide. It’s full of top tips from my 20 year making money online journey. I’ve also included a lot of information from the 5+ years I’ve been running Niche Laboratory and

Here’s the abbreviated table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • Choosing a Niche
  • Moving Beyond Blogging: Forums and Directory Sites
  • Keyword and Topic Research: Initial Niche Research, Finding More Keywords
  • Harnessing Your Own Website’s Users’ Brains
  • Going the Extra Mile
  • Case Study 1: FindAForum
  • Case Study 2: Interactive Quizzes and Calculators
  • Case Study 3: Answers Type Sites
  • Case Study 4: Niche Laboratory
  • Case Study 5: An E-Commerce Store
  • Case Study 6: A Software Site
  • Case Study 7: YouTube and Video Blogging
  • Monetizing Your Site
  • Appendix One: My Making Money Online Journey 1998 – 2018
  • Appendix Two: The Keyword Academy Remembered
  • Appendix Three: 500 Niche Ideas

Sounds interesting? You can get this guide for FREE when you buy Niche Laboratory Pro.

I’m also working on another bonus which will also be available for FREE when you get Niche Laboratory Pro.

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