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Brett from Niche Laboratory here.
I’m pleased to announce that the Niche Laboratory SEO keywords tool has a new report – the Big Data Dump report.
This is long and takes a while to read, but you can find some amazing LSI keywords in the report. The phrases are between 2 and 4 words long. In other words, they’re great long tails. Many of these keyword phrases will never be found by the Google Adwords Keyword Tool or the various tools that take data from Autocomplete drop-down lists.
While I’ve done my best to remove junk phrases from the report, there is still no substitute for a human to review the data in search of useful keyword phrases. So put your spectacles on and start poring over the reports.
How to get the reports? Just start a Niche Laboratory job for any keyword (or a URL). When the report is complete, scroll down to the Big Data Dump section of the report.
So what can you find?
I generated a sample report for the URL
This site is one of the UK’s biggest wealth managers (a really top paying niche – IF you can get traffic!). Think pensions, investments, stocks, mutual funds, commercial property etc. etc.
So what key phrases does the Niche Laboratory find relating to Hargreaves Lansdown’s site? By hunting through the Big Data Dump report I found these amazing phrases:
  • emergency tax
  • annuity delay calculator
  • interactive calculators
  • world currencies
  • investment ideas
  • share account
  • nearing retirement
  • personal advice
  • drawdown calculator
  • annuity rates
  • low cost dealing account
  • etfs investment trusts
  • best buy
  • best annuity
  • retirement planner
  • tax relief calculator
  • salary scheme
  • corporate currency service
  • pension what happens
  • hang seng
  • retirement annuities
Well that’s enough inspiration for a dozen micro niche sites and 101 blog articles.
The phrases are ordered by how often the Niche Laboratory has found them. But it’s a good idea to review the whole list as a real gem of a phrase might have only been found once.
This report is especially useful in lower competition niches where a lot of the sites don’t use the keywords meta tag. Of course it’s also good in high competition niches, as you need every single keyword idea you can get your hands on.
Anyway, I hope you find the report useful. Don’t forget to blog or Tweet about the Niche Laboratory. If you have any questions or comments about the new report then leave your feedback below.

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