First 10 Days Being Monetized on YouTube – How Much Did I Make?

Here’s how much money my small YouTube channel made in the first 10 days of being monetized in 2024. I mostly produce faceless coding tutorials and troubleshooting guides. I’m trying to stay within the same niche as much as possible, because that definitely helps to build an audience and help the algorithm push out your content to a wider audience.

Don’t let my super technical channel put you off. You can esssentially use the tips I share in my video to grow a channel in almost any niche. All you need is a niche where there’s the potential to post tutorials.

Some more nuggets of useful information I share in the video:

  • How long it took me to get monetized.
  • How to choose great topics for tutorials.
  • How you could get quickly monetized with just 10 videos!
  • Ignore the “experts” – retention does not matter.
  • How to predict successful video topics.
  • How to grow your channel.
  • Using a series of videos and playlists. An additional tip I’ll share in this blog post is that playlists are super important if your channel gets/potentially gets a big audience watching on their TVs or games consoles. It’s extremely important to set up playlists for these audiences, otherwise they won’t be able to navigate your channel’s content.
  • Follow up videos and going viral. Incidentally, while the channel I featured in the video above has never really gone viral, I did go viral on my other channel (anime niche).
  • A completely different side hustle that started generating money for me in my second month!

Later in the video I share my tips for how to grow your small YouTube channel and achieve monetization. In this particular channel I increased subscribers and watch hours by about the same amount.

Although my income report might disappoint anyone looking for instant success at making passive income, my channel is growing really rapidly now. Income should rise subtantially too. I’ve seen quite a significant views and subscribers boost after achieving monetization. That’s probably because I took massive action once it was clear I wasn’t far away from being monetized.

A tip for everyone who reads this – tutorial videos build a great base of watch time. You can make tutorials in most niches. Just find a problem that newbies in your niche are struggling with and make a video that solves that problem. I have quite a few videos like this that each have more than 400 accumulated watch hours. In theory you’d only need ten of those videos to get monetized!

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