Pssst! Wanna Make Money Online? Don’t Build a Blog – Build This Instead!

Hi everyone,

Brett from the Niche Laboratory keyword research tool here. Welcome to the very first newsletter. Please forward this email onto anyone you know who is interested in creating niche websites.

What problems are you having with your niche site(s)? I love to get your emails, so email me at or post a new thread on the forum.

Site News

Everyone says you need to start a mailing list! So I’ve started one on Niche Laboratory. I’ll post updates to the forum or blog to let you know how it goes.

So far I have discovered that around 30% of people who register on the Niche Laboratory site opt into the mailing list.

Isn’t it time you started your own list?

What Have I Been Doing This Month?

I’ve been building an Answers type site. Look at how much traffic Quora and StackOverFlow get! Isn’t it time YOU built your own Answers type site?

Here’s a forum post I’ve made about building such a site. I’ve even included a link to some nice WordPress templates.

I’m building my own Answers site and will add it as a sub-domain of an existing site. If you want to build your own site then it’s quite a simple thing to build. You basically need a form for somebody to post a question, then another one for somebody to add an answer!

My top tip for these kinds of sites is: make it easy! So my site won’t even need users to register. Maybe I’m asking for trouble with spammers etc. etc. but I can solve that later. The main thing I am looking for is visitor engagement. I’ve always struggled with this. Maybe you’ve found the same thing. For example, I’ve added a forum to Niche Laboratory but only 1 user has posted on it (apart from me).

February 2018 Update: My new Answers type site got 3 answer posts from real life users this month. This thing is gaining in popularity! They were 200+ word good quality answers as well, not spam or junk. So I would definitely recommend you try starting answers type site!

Flippa Site of the Month

I love looking at Flippa once a week in search of ideas. If you want to do the same I recommend you look at websites that are at least one year old that earn at least $25 a month.

This month’s auction is a nice little niche site – and the site was very affordable. The reserve was just $150 and there was a buy it now for $199!

This is a nice example of a niche site that’s a mini-authority on a specific topic. It’s also a kind of comparison site. You could do a lot to improve this site by including comparison tables so that visitors know straight away which programme suits their needs.

The problems with this site? Well the niche appeals to people who don’t have any money! So you’re generally going to make $ from website visitors instead of $$$$$ that you would in a niche like insurance or property.

This niche is also a bit, er, shady. But I like these kinds of niches, because mainstream marketing people usually avoid them!

It is a good niche though, with hundreds of good keywords available from your favourite keyword tool.

Tip of the Month

Could you make more money simply by changing the colour of your website? Check out Neil Patel’s research on the subject: How to Choose the Right Color Schemes for Your Ecommerce Shop

How Can I Help YOU Make Money Online?

I’ve been making money online since 1998. I’ve built 50 niche sites which have made a total of made $108,000 online. I’ve also had a 20 year career in software development.

If you’ve got a question about niche research, niche sites or anything else then email me at or post a new thread on the forum.

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