Discontinuation of Download Versions of Niche Laboratory, Blog Spy and Keyword Research Tool

Many thanks to the various purchasers of my downloadable SEO tools over the years.

Effective 1 July 2023 the tools will no longer be supported or made available for download.

I have taken this decision based on:

  • The tools get very few sales and contribute such a small percentage of my income they’re not worth bothering with. Back in 2014 my online income accounted for 20% of my total income. In 2023 my online income was just 3.6% of my total income.
  • Elon Musk and Reddit have lately brought up the issue of data scraping. The world has changed and data scraping tools are no longer a business worth being associated with.
  • Continued regulations regarding user data and privacy make it undesirable to continue running a micro business.

I will keep the Niche Laboratory website open but will disable user registration. If I find time available I’ll expand the range of free SEO tools available on the website.

Again, many thanks for all your support and helpful comments over the years.

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