Niche Laboratory Redesigned… More Keywords, Faster Reports!

Brett from Niche Laboratory here.

I’ve got some big news – the Niche Laboratory keyword tool has been redesigned!

The new version is now live and you can play with it at

I made the change for three reasons:

  1. The code base was a bit of a mess, with stuff all over the place. Behind the scenes it is now much easier to add new functionality.
  2. It needed a drastic redesign to allow Jobs to become saveable.
  3. I wanted the tool to focus on its most useful feature – finding words and especially keyword phrases to write about in any niche.

I have focused on the finding keywords function of the tool. This part of the Niche Laboratory has been extensively improved. There are now 8 new sources of keyword data. This all happens behind the scenes, and it happens in super quick time.

If you’re missing the old Niche Laboratory reports then don’t worry – most reports are now in the new tool. At the time of writing the main omissions are the word cloud and the images report. The Competition Matrix is also not as good. I’ll improve that over the coming weeks. I’ll also add the images report back in. I’ve chosen a new data partner for this, it’s just finding time to implement it.

Future Changes

If time permits then I’ll add some new features to the tool. Jobs can now be serialised – what this means is that they can be saved as a data dump and then redisplayed at a later date. You can see this working for the sample jobs at Check these out if you want some fully researched niches. I’ve added a few of the more popular niches like SEO, weight loss and dieting, and a few other niches worth checking out.

You can now also save your own jobs, but you need to register first.

Anyway, keep using the Niche Laboratory. If you have any comments or suggestions then leave them below.

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