Niche Laboratory Pro Case Study – The Passive Income Powerhouse Niche

Brett from Niche Laboratory here.

In this post I’ll run through some strategies I found from running a Niche Laboratory Pro report for the following keywords:

  • Passive Income

Niche Laboratory Pro is the paid version of the Niche Laboratory keywords tool. It finds a lot more keywords, and you can save the reports onto your own PC’s hard drive.

So what did I find in the report for the Passive Income niche?

First of all, is this niche difficult?

I’d say it’s about average. It’s a hard one for a newbie to start with. However, if you’ve got an established site then it’s possible to get a fair bit of traffic… IF you choose your keywords wisely.

It’s not likely that you’re going to rank in the top 10 for passive income. This is reserved for superstar sites like Smart Passive Income and Dr Wealth.

And that’s where tools like Keyword Researcher Pro and now Niche Laboratory Pro come in.

I’ve been using Keyword Researcher Pro for many years now. It’s a great little tool for finding easy to rank keyword phrases that people are actually searching for. On the downside the user interface is a bit cluttered.

So if I was going to attack the passive income niche, what would I do?

The first thing that caught my eye in the comprehensive niche report for passive income was the number of products listed. I found the following that looked like being product names:

  • Passive Income Empire
  • Passive Income Strategies
  • Passive Income Powerhouse
  • Clickbank Passive Income 3.0
  • CB Passive Income 3.0
  • Passive Income Ninja Reviews

Of all of these I did the most research on Passive Income Powerhouse. This looks like a term that I could easily rank the Niche Laboratory blog for. The top 8 search results are all closely related to the course itself (which seems to be a Udemy online course). But spots 8-10 in the top 10 search results are fair game. They’re just junk results which would be fairly easy to outrank.

Of course Smart Passive Income came up as well. Nearly everyone in the MMO niche will be aware of Pat Flynn’s passive income authority site.

I also found a few other search terms that could be sites worth taking a look at. Passive Income Queen was one that caught my eye.

I like the queen’s site. It’s so clean. By comparison the Niche Laboratory homepage is a gigantic mess. I ought to clean it up and present a simple message.

Back to passive income and it’s not just ClickBank e-books and making money online stuff. There are of course other ways of making passive income. The keywords found by the Niche Laboratory software were also related to these other ways of generating a passive income:

  • MLM opportunities
  • Lending through P2P websites like Lending Club
  • Buying stocks and dividend yielding investments
  • Investing in rental property

And there were plenty of keyword ideas like minimising losses and dealing with tax issues.

One other thing I found was lots of really long tail opportunities for specific articles. For example passive income ideas for people living in the Philippines, or who have disabilities, or are beginners.

It’s encouraging that the tool found me a load of relatively new keywords. For example, phrases relating to investing in cryptocurrencies. If you buy a keyword tool like Niche Laboratory Pro then remember to re-run your reports periodically. There are brand new keywords appearing every single day! I’ll remind you that when I went to university there was no Simpsons cartoon niche, no Harry Potter and not even any web developer jobs. Now look at how big each of those niches are!

Headline Ideas

One part of the Niche Laboratory Pro report that I use a lot is the suggested headlines (use the standalone headline generator here). These are really great for creating interesting ideas for articles that will get great clickthrough rates from search results.

To be honest some of the headlines are junk (they don’t always apply to every niche). But I liked these suggestions:

  • 9 Reasons To Be Addicted To Passive Income
  • 5 Things About Passive Income That You Want… Badly
  • When Passive Income Means More Than Money

Ha ha ha that last one is fantastic – how appropriate.

By the way I deliberately coded the headline generator to show an odd number of things (e.g. 9 reasons…, 5 things…) as I heard people click more on article titles that have odd numbers. Maybe it’s because everybody got bored of lists of 10, but a list of 11 reasons to eat hummous, now that’s worth checking out.

Actually, I’m pretty sure my blog title generator is used by the professionals. Check out these real headlines the Niche Laboratory pulled out of Google News:

See what I mean about the odd number of points in these types of articles?

What else?

The Niche Laboratory didn’t find any products related to passive income for sale on AliExpress, but it did find a lot of stuff on Amazon. Mostly books but they’re good as people still love to read books. You can either use these as affiliate products to market on your own site. Or you could think about making your own course or ebook. In one of my niches I still make a few sales from promoting a niche e-book I found on ClickBank.

Finally I have beefed up the keyword generation in Niche Laboratory Pro so it finds many more words and phrases than in the free online version. In this particular niche it found 225 long tail phrases and 382 individual words. That’s a lot of data, so it’s good to look at the word cloud generated from the key words and phrases in the niche. Some phrases caught my eyes: income UIT’s (whatever they are), passive income from youtube, 25% dividends (are these even possible?), the passive income reddit and a passive income from Amazon.

So that’s a few of the things that Niche Laboratory Pro taught me about the passive income niche.

If you want me to do a spotlight article on another niche, then leave me a comment in the comments section below.

Happy blogging!

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