Using Niche Laboratory Pro’s Keyword Suggestions To Turbo Boost a Blogger Blog

Hi guys,

I love doing traffic experiments and this particular experiment is this:

Can I use Niche Laboratory Pro’s keyword suggestions to boost the traffic to an existing blog. In this case it’s a small blogger/blogspot blog with about 50 pages. The site is about 5 years old.

I’m a big fan of blogger. It’s pretty easy to build and maintain blogs. They also seem to get pretty good traffic. Especially if you can get one decent link to them. Of course hosting is also free (although they do even better if you put your own domain or subdomain on them).

I’ve used the new adult keywords option of Niche Laboratory Pro to help me find some keywords. Actually my blog is fairly tame but if I were to add some extra, er, keywords to it then traffic might soar.

Anyway, I ran the Niche Laboratory Pro on my main keyword and it came up with a whole load of suggestions. From the report I picked out 11 keyword phrases that I don’t really cover much on the blog.

Of the 11 keyword phrases:

  • Four are expanding the types of widgets I cover on my blog.
  • Two are domain names. Maybe I can link to them or review them.
  • One is shopping related and could be quite lucrative to get traffic for. The product is a little unusual, so I could be first to blog about it. That can be immensely profitable!
  • One isn’t actually a keyword phrase. It’s a reminder for me to look at Google News more often as the Niche Laboratory Pro software found some really nice articles I could add a commentary on.

So I’ll see if I can write some articles about these keywords. After a few months I should start seeing these keywords (and related phrases) popup in Google Search Console.

It can be a slow process though. From my previous experiments I’d say it takes at least 3 months for Google to pick up new pages and start driving keyword traffic to them which you can see in Google Search Console Reports.

OK it’s now 13 February 2018. If I haven’t updated this article for a while then leave a comment and I’ll go check my stats to see if the changes made a different to my traffic.

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