Case Study: Planning a Blogger Outreach Campaign Using Blog Spy

In this episode of NicheLaboratory.TV I show you how I used a Blog Spy report run on my own domain to plan an outreach campaign. needs more backlinks and more referral traffic. I hope my outreach campaign will achieve both of these objectives…

What Does Blog Spy Do?

Very simply, you tell Blog Spy your blog address and it will find related blogs to your blog. It colour codes lesser ranked blogs in green, and more highly ranked blogs than your own in red.

Why is this useful?

You can use this whole list of relevant blogs to get your outreach campaign going. Basically you need to try and get links from all of the sites. The green ones will be easier as they will look up to your site since you’re outranking them.

The red ones are harder to deal with. They get 1000’s of emails, tens of thousands of blog comments and won’t link to your crappy little blog.

So the red ones take more planning, but the payoffs are exponentially higher!

Here’s what I did with this list of blogs that Blog Spy told me to check out:

There was also 1 irrelevant blog which I won’t post here because it’s in a sensitive niche. I have left the irrelevant niches in Blog Spy rather than cull them out because who knows, you might stumble across a randomly brilliant niche with hardly any competitors. If that happens do let me know – I’d love to hear your success stories.

I should also add that Blog Spy is also a great way to find other opportunities. For example many of the sites listed above are direct competitors of mine or also sell software products I could do my own versions of. So as well as the ability to find outreach opportunities there are also all kinds of ideas that you can get from checking out your competition. All this and it’s just one of the 4 reports Blog Spy produces for you!

Anyway, I hope you like this case study of using Blog Spy to build your website’s outreach campaign. Remember to vote this video up as it will encourage me to keep writing affordable and easy to use SEO software tools!

Blog Spy:

Have you ever done an outreach campaign? What results did you get? Leave your comments below!

Oh, and I’ll also post updates if I get any success from my efforts. For the record I spent around 3 hours on the outreach campaign, although that included preparing my lunch.

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