Need to Improve Your Blog? Here’s My Massive List of Blogging Tips

Brett from Niche Laboratory here. I’ve been reading that to get articles to rank really well in Google these days you need to write LONG ARTICLES. The longer the better it seems.

So I thought I’d test this out by writing my own massive long-form article. The first one I’ve done is a braindump of all my blogging tips. So here they are:

Tip #1: Keep Going, Even When You’re Making Zero Progress

If you start blogging with the idea of making money, then you’ll need GIGANTIC commitment. Don’t be like my friend who announced to the world that she was going to become a blogger. Well after 2 blog posts that was it – she never wrote another post again!

To make money from a blog you’re going to need way more effort that this. Then even as your blog gets successfull you’ll need even more sticking power.

Here’s an example. This month I’ve made no sales on Niche Laboratory. None at all! Yet this month I’ve released a new software application, two free services and written this really long blog post. It’s hard to keep going when there’s so little in return. If you want to have any long lasting success with your own blog then you’ll have to exhibit this level of commitment. Just focus on the longer term picture. Also set things up so you see lots of little victories. For example, as well as selling my own software I’m also an affiliate for other peoples’ products. So while I may not have sold any of my own products this month, I did at least make two really good affiliate conversions through Niche Laboratory and another site I own.

One thought on “Need to Improve Your Blog? Here’s My Massive List of Blogging Tips

  • December 19, 2019 at 3:22 am

    Keep Going, Even When You’re Making Zero Progress – This is perhaps one of the best tips for all bloggers out there. We should always keep in mind that nothing good will come if we quit. We need to keep going if we want to reap the rewards. If we give up, we will surely lose and miss every opportunity we never take. Let’s just keep moving, no matter how slow we go. Thank you for sharing a very helpful article.


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