SEO Frenzy… I’m Giving Away Dozens Of FREE “DoFollow” Links!

To improve visitor engagement on Niche Laboratory I’ve added a comment system to every single page on

If you want a “dofollow” link to your site(s) then just add a valuable and useful comment to any page on the site. The first 3 people to comment on each page (and leave their URL) will get free “dofollow” links [your name is hyperlinked].

If you have a Gravatar icon then you can also use that one. These are really nice for branding – that’s one of my tips in my big list of blogging tips!

To use your Gravatar, when you’re posting your comment just enter your email address associated with your Gravatar account. Don’t worry I won’t use your email address to spam you or anything. I don’t even store it anywhere I just need it to find out what the URL of your Gravatar avatar is.

I would prefer you comment on a range of different pages – here are some pages you might like to comment on:

Get in quick because these are the most popular pages on the site so they’re sure to fill up with comments first. Don’t worry if you’re late to the party – just surf around the site until you find a page with less comments on it. Don’t worry if all the dofollow slots are filled up – it’s good to get your Gravatar seen and sometimes you do get a few visitors who click on your name, especially if you post a really high quality useful and informative comment.

Anyway, I hope you find this giveaway useful! You can of course comment here on the Niche Laboratory blog. I love reading all your comments!

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