Video Case Study – The Paleo Diet Niche Researched 4 U

Guess what? I’ve started a YouTube Channel. Bear with me, I’m new at this.

Anyway this first video in the new channel has no flashy intro, no soundtrack and no cool wipes. It’s just me using Niche Laboratory Pro to research an incredibly lucrative niche. Keep your eyes open as I reveal 499 juicy keywords for this ever popular topic in the evergreen weight loss and dieting niche.

Again the research in this video was done using Niche Laboratory Pro. Download the trial version and get started with your own niche research today.

If you have any questions about the paleo niche (or any other niche) then leave your comments below or under the YouTube video as well. And remember to vote it up if you like what you see – it’ll encourage me to give away more niche research.

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