More Niches Researched for You!

A quick blog post to say that I’ve now started adding niches to FindAForum. I’ve called the new section FindANiche.

Be sure to check back as I’ll add more niches when I get chance. If you want me to add any particular niches then leave a comment here and I’ll get right to it.

When you click through to a niche you can see a long list of micro-niches within the larger niche. You can also see

Many of these niches are really competitive these days but I’ve put them on the site as these niches are where the money is. To make any money at all in these niches with a niche site then you’ll have to put in a bit of effort to find a less competitive micro-niche within the larger niche. Long Tail  Pro can definitely help in that it will show you which keywords in your chosen micro-niche will probably be easier to rank for. Don’t waste time targeting keywords you’ve not got any hope of ever ranking for!

I’ve also included a long list of blogs (and their recent posts) in the report for each niche. This makes it really easy to see what others are blogging about in these niches. Maybe you’ll get some ideas. At the very least you should be writing good comments on their blogs in an effort to get noticed within the niche. Remember not to spam them though!

Incidentally the data for FindANiche is being generated from Niche Laboratory Pro. Download this tool and you can generate similar reports for absolutely any niche.


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