People Are Making a Killing In These HOT Niches!

In this post I’ll share some secret insider information on some red hot niches.

Where does this data come from?

This data comes from Find a Forum’s Google Webmaster Tools data.

Tip 1: Cars Are a Brilliant Niche!

Cars are a big niche that’s dominated by companies like Ford and Toyota. However, owner owned forums are very successful. In fact I used to work with a guy who had a nice little forum about VW Camper Vans.

Most of the Find a Forum forums seem to be about cars.

Tip 2: We Love To Talk About Embarrassing and NSFW Stuff Online

I once worked with a girl who had a profitable side hustle of writing erotic fiction.

And my main niche is pretty, er, weird. I’m not sure I’m even into it, but I started a site about one particular niche, and it got taken over by people interested in another!

So that weird thing that you do could be the niche that you’re looking for.

Tip 3: Stuff Indian People Like Gets Huge Traffic

India is one of the most heavily populated countries of the World, and there are even more non resident Indians living overseas.

Sites targeting this market can get gigantic numbers of visitors. You might not earn so much, but you can use the traffic to build sites targeting more lucrative paying markets!

Tip 4: Amateurs Can Do Well in Many Niches

Like many others, I’ve tried (and of course) failed with sites in “big” niches like finance and property.

My advice is to stay away from any niche that’s dominated by big corporations.

It’s probably for that reason that of the top 50 keywords Find a Forum ranks for, all of them are in topics that amateurs can expect to do very well if they build a great site in these niches.

Tip 5: Start a Classifieds Site

People love to buy and sell stuff. You could potentially do well if you start a Craigslist type site in a deep niche. For example there are property listings sites just for expats in particular cities.

Actually property is a nightmare niche, but you get the idea.

Top 6: Go Weird and Obscure

Finally, here are some weird and wonderful niches that are big, now:

Colons (?)
Graphics Cards
Hollyoaks (and TV shows in general)
Low Carbs
Naval ships
Online Sweepstakes
Survival Outdoors
Unexplained Stuff
Vintage Baseball Cards

Well I guess I almost had enough content there for an A-Z type article.

Anyway, even if you know nothing about these niches, I hope they give you some inspiration as to what kind of things you COULD write about. All of this stuff is being searched for NOW, and there are forums in these niches that are just killing it in these niches.

One last thought – the #1 forum on Find a Forum is about Skyscrapers.

Good luck!

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