This Quick Marketing Trick Guarantees Huge Publicity For Your Business

Brett from Niche Laboratory here.

In this post I’ll share a quick trick that’s wonderful for getting publicity for your business. It works for online businesses as well as offline ones that have real shops, products and services.

So what’s the trick?

Check out the photo below, which kind of explains it:

Don’t get what I’m getting at?

The trick is that we are going to combine two completely unrelated niches. In the example above, a garbage collection company has playfully borrowed elements from the taxi niche. The result is an eye catching vehicle, to say the least! And now they are getting backlinks from all sorts of places, including this site you are reading now!

Incidentally, Spencer from Niche Pursuits covers this in his Podcast #121.  Basically he talks about a website for runners that wrote an article which tried to work out how far Super Mario ran in the video games. This kind of crossover article can often get a huge number of backlinks. It’s also a great way to introduce new people to a website. In this instance, it would have appealed to both gamers and runners, and been especially interesting to people who are interested in both.

So what crossover business ideas/blog topics can YOU think of? And have you come across any in real life?





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