Will You Be Successful in Your Niche? Here’s The One Signal That Will Tell You!

Brett from Niche Laboratory here.

In this post I’ll reveal the one signal that will tell you if you’re likely to be successful in a new niche.

So what’s the signal?

Simply search Google for your chosen keyword.

If a load of junk turns up, then you’ll likely to be successful in this niche.

What is junk?

By junk I mean:

  • Links to Google books.
  • Foreign language websites (even if your query was in English).
  • Links to articles on forums where the forums aren’t actually about your niche. Add extra points if the articles are on “amateur” forums rather than those big gigantic authority sites like mumsnet or moneysavingexpert.
  • Low quality scraper sites (these are automatically generated pages usually generated from databases of content. For example I’ve built one at www.btlfinder.com which ranks for every UK postcode, but the content itself is pretty junk if you’re looking for information about that postcode).

Finally, ask yourself one question:

Do these sites deliver on the query.

In other words, if you were searching for “Excel sales letter document template” do any of the search results actually allow you to download such a document template?

If they don’t and your new page does, then you’re onto a winner.

Does this actually work?

I am trying it with a new niche. I fancy starting a new forum style site. When I searched for “mynichekeyword forum” I got a load of trash. So I am hopeful of success.

One caveat though…

We need to be careful with the definition of success.

It’s often easy to get traffic in particular niches, but very hard to make money off of them.

However, you can be shrewd and use a load of traffic to launch other businesses. Alternatively it could just be that you’re using the wrong method to monetize your site.

In some respects Niche Laboratory has been a total failure. It’s taken a long time to build. It makes hardly any money.

However, it has got a lot of domain authority, and I’m using that to build up a following. In time I will use this authority to add features to the site that WILL make money, and lots of it too.

So back to the junk in search results, how can Niche Laboratory help?

The tool already has a Website Competiton Matrix report that tells you certain properties of the top 10 search results for your chosen keywords.

When you generate these reports, take a look at the sites and if the top 10 aren’t very good, then you’re in with a chance.

I need to get my head together and come up with some even better ways of getting the Niche Laboratory to flag up low quality competition. Watch this space…

Have you got any tips for finding out if a new niche is worthwhile? Leave your suggestions below.

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