This One Simple Trick Will Cause Niche Site Traffic to Soar!

Brett from Niche Laboratory here.

In this post I’m going to post the results of an experiment.

If you want to do the same then you will need two things:

  1. A niche site that already gets reasonable traffic.
  2. The site should be at least a year old, preferably older.

So what are we going to do?

It’s quite simple.

Most people expand websites by adding new pages.

What we’re gonna do is something a little different.

We’re going to update and enhance the existing pages.

I’ve seen this tip on a few other blogs, but I’ve never really done it myself.

Well that has now changed. As of this morning, I have done some major updating to my best performing little micro-niche site.

I like this site. It’s informative. It looks pretty good. It has a killer two word domain name. And affiliate sales in this niche sometimes net me $60 a sale. That’s better than the odd cent or two from AdSense.

I’ve blogged about this niche site before. Here’s an article about how its traffic came roaring back. It’s essential reading if you have any sites that are a few years old and traffic hasn’t completely died.

So what did I do?

It’s quite simple.

I looked in Google Analytics for the top 10 pages on the site in terms of page views. The site has around 100 pages in total, but I just chose the top 10.


Because usually the 20/80 rule applies to niche websites. In other words, the top 20% of pages get 80% of the traffic. In my case it’s even more extreme. My best 3 pages get 55% of the traffic. My top 10 pages actually get 83% of the entire traffic to the site. So I got a kind of 10/90 rule going on there.

The good news is that by updating the content on the top 10 pages I can in theory gain a big traffic increase for not a great deal of work.

And it’s quite easy work at that.

There are 4 good ways to improve existing content:

  1. Add more words. I’ve mostly done this by adding some additional information I’ve thought of since I wrote the original articles. The articles were mostly written in 2012, so I have a lot of new information in my head.
  2. Add extra pictures. I’ve done this on a couple of pages. I found a few screenshots which really illustrate my niche rather nicely.
  3. Do extra keyword research and add some content relating to these.
  4. Add extra links and check the existing links work.

I’ve not actually done too much of the 3rd option. A good tip here though is to look in Google Analytics and see what keywords your site is ranking for. Maybe you can think of some extra topics to add to your existing pages.

Oh, while I remember, one of my top 10 pages is actually a WordPress tag page. If you see one of these in your top 10 websites then this topic is CRYING OUT for content! Google will only index tag pages and send you visitors if there isn’t anything better available to index. So make sure you expand any tag pages into actual new pages.

Another one of my top 10 pages is an interactive quiz I added about 7 months ago. Already it has made it into the top 10 hall of fame! This is another tip I have – add interactive features to your WordPress sites. 99% of bloggers never bother with this. Why? Because it’s a hassle. But it’s well worth it!

I’ve also got a top 5 of X in this niche type article in the top 10. These can earn big money from affiliate offers, so they’re crucial to get right. I’ve updated this page by reordering the top 5 to reflect my current opinions of the products available in this niche.

The Results

I hope this works…

I’ll report back here when I have some updated traffic data for my niche site. I hope I’m right!

It’s now 5 February 2018. If I haven’t reported back here in a few months then leave a comment down below and I’ll go check my stats for you.

4 thoughts on “This One Simple Trick Will Cause Niche Site Traffic to Soar!

  • March 14, 2018 at 6:21 am

    Hey Brett!

    Wondering how this test worked out for you. I’m thinking of doing the same thing to one of our best performing blogs. The specific blog is driving almost 80% of our traffic right now and we’re getting leads out of it as well (we’re a digital marketing agency). I want to build something on top of it to see if it will drive more results. Curious to see how this worked out for you!

    • March 17, 2018 at 5:19 am

      Hi Christian,

      Thanks for your comment and for prompting me to check on the results of the experiment. So far the answer is…


      I’ve not noticed much of an improvement. Traffic is down if anything.

      This is certainly not what Spencer from Niche Pursuits saw when he did the same:

      He claims a 712% traffic increase. I love the guy but he’s selling snake oil with this post!!!

      One thing I forgot to do though was to update the published date of my articles. Sheesh. So I’ve gone back in and have now done this.

      I think what’s going on is that it only works in certain niches or with higher page ranked sites. If I check my Google Search Console I’m not ranking for ANY of the new keywords I’ve added into my pages.

      The sandbox is definitely still a thing at Google HQ because I failed to get any traffic to a new blog in the TEFL niche, but I got traffic to a new site in another niche in just 4 days.

      • May 9, 2018 at 1:57 am

        Hi Brett,

        Unfortunate that the test didn’t work out. We’ve just expanded the content of our blog using some of the tips you mentioned. If things work out well, I’ll share what we’ve done too.


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