How These 5 YouTubers Are Killing it in Super Competitive YouTube Niches

This list of the most competitive YouTube niches comes from my YouTube channel directory FindAChannel.Net. Check out its current list of easy and super tough YouTube niches here.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very tough niche. I tried building an affliate marketing database a few years ago but I just couldn’t get much traffic.

FindAChannel.Net awards affiiliate marketing a potential of just 8% so it’s one of the most competitive and most difficult niches there is. However some new channels are doing very well in this niche.

One channel that’s having a lot of success in this niche is South Asian YouTuber Desi Marketer. His channel has experienced significant growth, as his own figures show:

  • 03 Nov 2019 – 0 Subscribers
  • 17 Apr 2020 – 100 Subscribers
  • 26 May 2020 – 500 Subscribers
  • 03 Jun 2020 – 1000 Subscribers
  • 11 Jun 2020 – 5000 Subscribers
  • 08 Aug 2020 – 10000 Subscribers
  • 04 Oct 2020 – 20000 Subscribers
  • 25 Dec 2020 – 25000 Subscribers

That is some impressive growth!

At the time of writing his channel was 2 years old and has just 44 videos.

How has his channel become so successful? I have analysed his online presence but I’m not certain as to why he has become so successful. His blog doesn’t appear to have a huge amount of traffic. I think it’s largely down to his positive attitude and he comes across as approachable and likeable (read his about page here). Contrast this with Ricky Wang, whose write for us page makes him sound like an unapproachable jerk. I know who I’d rather write a guest post for.

Another example of an Indian YouTuber who is doing very well in the affiliate marketing niche is Yogesh Sharma. At the time of writing his channel was just over a year old, but it has already shot past the 500,000 video views milestone. Again I put his success down to his positive attitude, and his inspirational story:

Since leaving his crushy job within the corporate world, in only a few of years he’s gone on to create an empire within the affiliate marketing space. And now he’s taken it upon himself to show a couple of aspiring marketers how they can also get a bit of the affiliate marketing action. So what are you waiting for? Join Yogesh and gain exposure to his unparalleled insight and knowledge, and become a part of a community of individuals who share your aspirations.

Who else dreams of leaving their boring corporate drone job to become a full time internet marketer?

2. How to Lose Weight Fast

Weight loss is arguably the best known and also one of the most competitive niches. On my directory of discussion boards FindAForum, the weight loss forums are consistently amongst the most searched for forums.

So is it worth noobs getting involved with such a competitive and apparently saturated niche?

I haven’t seen too many new channels in this niche that have gained a lot of success. However, one standout channel that is crushing it in the weight loss niche is Obizi’s Weight Motivation. This channel racked up 10 million views in its first 5 months. This channel is a brilliant example of content curation. Obzi doesn’t actually make any of their own content – he (or she?) just compiles weight loss success videos from Tik Tok. Here’s one example:

Another channel that is doing very well in the weight loss niche is Recommended Presh TV. Unlike the previous channel, this one does create their own content. The channel is not exclusively focused on weight loss. However, now that their channel has almost one million subscribers at the time of writing they’re pretty much able to move into whatever niche they fancy, as long as it’s of interest to their core subscriber base.

What I like about this channel is that it’s incredibly down to earth and the core audience will really relate to Presh. Another good thing is that she has focused on hacks and tips, which are a very popular type of video on YouTube. Hacks, tips and tutorials work very well on YouTube and they’re also exactly the type of content that Google likes to show in the search results for how to do X/Y/Z.

3. Video Games

Video games is a pretty competitive niche and this is especially so on YouTube where so many people want to quit their boring jobs and become gaming live streamers. On the upside though this niche is massive and there is a very hungry audience of people wanting to watch other people play video games – I know because I am one of them. The other good thing about this niche is that live streaming is a brilliant way to get to that all important 4000 watch hours so you can monetize your channel. If you just have 30 people watch you live stream a 3 hour long Warzone gaming session then that’s 2.25% of your 4000 watch hours logged.

One channel I found that’s had a strong start in the gaming niche is make money with cheng. This channel is a brillant example of finding a new angle to approach a niche. It’s also a crossover of who niches – gaming and making money online. Combining two or more niches can be a way to approach more competitive niches. Examples of this are weight loss for retired people or dating for nerds.

Anyway, here’s an example of one of Cheng’s more popular videos:

This video has racked up almost 20,000 views but what stands out are the 280 comments – a decent number which proves that Cheng’s followers are really enthusiastic about his content. Imagine how much better he would do if his videos were of higher quality.

Would you risk starting a YouTube channel in one of these super competitive and saturated niches? Or would you choose one of the much easier YouTube niches? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

This list of the most competitive YouTube niches comes from my YouTube channel directory FindAChannel.Net. Check out its current list of easy and super tough YouTube niches here.

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