How to Quickly Find Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Watch this video to easily find blogs you can comment on in any niche. If you can’t be bothered to watch it just go to FindABlog, register then add a project (remembering to type in some relevanr keywords).

In this video I show how you can use my blog directory FindABlog to quickly and easily find blogs to comment on in pretty much any niche. Just sign up to FindABlog for free, login and then set up a new project. Be sure to add plenty of related keywords to your project. You can then click on the button to find blogs in your niche that may allow you to publish guest posts on their blog. Isn’t this much easier than searching through Google for “write for us” links?

My tips for getting the most out of this tool:

  • Check to see if the blog is still publishing content. You can do this because FindABlog attempts to retrieve the blog’s latest posts.
  • Be more wary of blogs that are less than two years old. Don’t waste time writing guest posts for blogs that
  • Click through to the details pages on FindABlog to see how old the blog is and how often articles are posted. You can also see an Alexa traffic chart. With these charts a smaller number is better.
  • Don’t worry if the blog isn’t 100% related to your niche. Backlinks from other related niche blogs are OK. For example in the video I show some blogs in the keto diet niche but we could also post guest articles on beauty and fitness blogs.
  • Make sure you read a blog’s guest posting guidelines on their write for us page. Make sure that whatever you want to do is aligned with what they permit. For example most blogs will not accept affiliate links in guest posts. Some blogs are also find with links in the body of the text, whereas others will only allow you to add a link to your site in the author bio.
  • Be wary of blogs that appear to publish content about any topic (a bit like HubPages used to). These sites are generally out of favour with Google and there’s also a chance they’re just a low quality content farm.
  • Another check you can do with FindABlog is to click through to the blog details page and see how often people comment on the blog. I always like to see plenty of comments being posted on anywhere I’m considering guest posting.
  • FindABlog also shows links to a site’s social media accounts. You should definitely check these out and see how many active members a blogger has. If they have a YouTube channel with 100,000+ subscribers or they have 25,000+ Twitter followers then that’s a really good sign you want to be guestposting on their blog.
  • My additional check is to go to Ubersuggest and see if the blog’s traffic chart is any good. For example I was researching programming niches the other day and I realised that wasn’t really worth bothering with but DotNetPearls was really rocking the programming niche, and was ranking for tens of thousands of high volume keywords!

If you have any questions about writing guest posts then leave a comment below. Also let me know if you don’t find many blogs in your niche on FindABlog and I’ll add some to the index.

To find blogs accepting guest posts register FREE here: If you have any questions about guest posting then post a comment below.

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