How to Quickly Find Niche Blogs to Comment On

To find quickly blog articles to comment on register FREE here:

In this video I show how you can use my blog directory FindABlog to quickly and easily find blogs to comment on in pretty much any niche. Just sign up to FindABlog for free, login and then set up a new project. Be sure to add plenty of related keywords to your project. You can then click on the button to find blogs in your niche that may allow you post comments on.

My tips for getting the most out of this tool:

  • Be sure to read the blog post before you post a comment.
  • When leaving a blog comment thank the author for the good post, mention one part of the post you’d like to write a comment about then make a suggestion from your own experience. Remember you can also comment on somebody else’s comment.
  • Don’t just leave a link to some crummy site – that’s never going to get published.
  • Sign up to Gravatar then you’ll have a nice avatar appear when you post a comment that gets accepted. Gravatars are really useful for getting your brand known.
  • Don’t leave spam as it won’t get published but it may get your email address or blog blacklisted.

For a really in depth guide to blog commenting be sure to check out The Commenting Club.

If you have any questions about blog commenting then leave a comment below (lol). Also let me know if you don’t find many blogs in your niche on FindABlog and I’ll add some to the index.

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