5 High Traffic, Low Competition YouTube Niches For 2021

These niches are taken from my YouTube channel directory FindAChannel.Net. To view the current list of easiest (and most difficult) YouTube niches, go here.

1. Reddit Stories

Did you know that there are many YouTube channels that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers yet they basically just read out Reddit posts?

These channels are VERY popular. I know because I had a phase of watching them while I was eating my lunch.

Reddit related YouTube channels can cover many topics. One particularly popular area have been Reddit mysteries. People posting amazing claims and then deleting their accounts are one such story. There is also plenty of Reddit creepypasta out there.

You don’t need to uncover obscure Reddit posts to make a successful channel based off the popular social media platform though. The On Tap Studios channel basically just turns /r/AskReddit/  threads into short YouTube movies. It’s a successful formula, having gained over 88 million views in the first two years of its existence.

There are also many channels that read out other websites. For example Fascinating Horror basically takes Wikipedia articles about macabre incidents from history, illustrating them with historical footage and related photos and movie footage. This channel was launched in 2019 but on the day I wrote this blog post the channel had already reached 34,468,649 views with 62 videos!

To do well in this niche you need an interest in history, and possess some basic movie editing skills. You’ll find it easier if you have a particular knowledge of historical events, although current events can also work well. Good topics include mysteries, war, disappearances and crime. I also think this is a niche that is better suited to introverts – and proves you don’t need to be a loud and brash livestreamer to make a lot of money on YouTube.

2. Scariest Movies

Staying with the entertainment niche, Scariest Movies is another excellent YouTube keyword. I find that too many bloggers and vloggers try to be really smart when it comes to finding niches to blog or vlog about. YouTube is primarily a source of entertainment, and there are many viewers who would love to watch a video about the most scary movies ever made.

Of course there are many related niches, from the saddest movies, to the best movies and of course the worst movies. Maybe if you’re a movie buff yourself then you can think of some other topics for clips that people would find entertaining. One example is The Canadian Lad, who has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Marvel universe.

A major issue you need to be aware of in this niche is copyright. You don’t want your channel to receive any copyright strikes. It is legal in some countries to use clips from movies and other sources under ‘fair use’. If you’re going to create such a channel then ensure you are very familiar with YouTube’s policies on fair use.

3. Product Unboxing

Are unboxing videos still popular? Surely people have got bored with them by now?

No way!

I started a YouTube channel in April 2021. So far the most popular video I have produced is an unboxing video! Check it out:

This video has received twice as many views as my second most popular video (which is a bikini try-on video – arguably one of the hottest YouTube niches there is – even if the model is a Smart Doll!).

You can unbox products in any niche. However you’ll probably find that your channel does better if you stick to the one channel, one topic rule. Also remember you don’t have to just unbox tech products like mobile phones as Unbox Diaries does.

Another good thing is that you don’t need millions of views to make good money in the unboxing niche. Anything shopping related is a good niche. Once your channel has at least 10,000 subscribers you’re going to achieve influencer status, so you can reach out to companies and receive products you can unbox and showcase (beware of product endorsement rules though).

4. Life Hacks

This is another pretty general keyword but there are countless opportunities to make a channel around the theme of life hacks.

People love watching videos on YouTube that show them how to do certain things. The topics can be anything from DIY, to car maintenence and even cooking or programming. In fact I am in the process of starting another channel in one of these niches.

I would say that for a hacks channel it’s best to keep the videos quite short and extremely specific. Or feature 5 hacks in a 10 minute video for example. The video below is a great example of a ‘hacks’ video:

This video covers 20 hacks in 14.5 minutes. It’s already attracted over 750,000 views in its first month. One nice feature of this video is that the creator has timestamped all of the hacks in the description text – check that out if you’re doing a hacks channel.

Did I mention that the channel whose video I’ve featured above was less than 2 years old? Sure, they have a lot of videos (over 2000) but they’re not particularly difficult to produce. They’ve accumulated 2,063,834,761 views which could actually be over 2 billion. I only wish my channel had that many views…

Again, if you want to attract large numbers of subscribers then keep your channel to a specific niche, such as cooking or DIY. Remember also that you can have more than one YouTube channel with a Google account. I currently have three channels!

5. Abstract Art

I don’t know too much about this niche, but then neither does my site FindAChannel because when I wrote this article we’d only got a single channel listed for this niche!

My dad loves painting and he often turns to YouTube when he wants to learn new techniques, or wants to know how best to paint a particular subject.

To get started in the art niche be sure to check out the Bob Ross channel. Decades after it first aired, Bob’s TV show The Joy of Painting has become a YouTube sensation. Many of the viewers are looking for art tutorials and inspiration, but he also has a following with the relaxation and ASMR crowd. Incidentally, this is another niche which proves you don’t need to be a brash extrovert streamer to do very well on YouTube.

If you have any comments or questions about any of these niches then post your replies in the comments section below. These niches are taken from my YouTube channel directory FindAChannel.Net. To view the current list of easiest (and most difficult) YouTube niches, go here.

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