Are YOU Guilty Of Following The Herd Into Super Popular Niches?

I’m lucky that I work in Central London right next to one of its most popular parks.

On a hot Summer’s day the place really fills up with tourists:

That sight got me thinking – are YOU one of those people who tries to get into the same niches as everybody else?

Hold up your hand if you’re trying to build a site in one of these niches:

  • Dog training
  • Keep fit
  • Weight loss
  • Travel blogging
  • Make money online
  • Health

Sure, these niches get a tonne of traffic, as a lot of people are searching for information about them.

But there’s also a lot of competition for those visitors.

So why not get your thinking cap on and find a less crowded niche? Maybe the Niche Laboratory can help you brainstorm a less competitive niche.

In fact my most lucrative niche ever was for software code documentor tools. When I launched my product back in 2002 I had a total of 3 competitors. IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!

For a while I was the world leader in a small sub-niche of this particular micro-niche.

Did I have huge offices and a staff of 50 to achieve this?


In fact I did all this from an ancient PC perched on a kitchen table in a rented apartment.

So what can YOU achieve if you find a teeny tiny niche not many other people know about?

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