Get More Google Search Console Keywords… Works Brilliantly on New Sites!

Got a new site or a site with low Page Rank? Then watch this video to find out how to get 100’s of new keywords ideas for your site!

I hope you like this video. The other day I really wanted to find a lot of new keyword ideas. I’m starting a new site and don’t really know what to write about. Sure I can come up with a few ideas for articles, but it’s generally better to write about things people are actively searching for. I tried to buy a subscription to Long Tail Pro, but I’m living abroad and ClickBank declined my Credit Card. Sometimes it sucks being an expat.

So no Long Tail Pro for me… I needed another keywords source. While playing around with the Google Search Console I stumbled upon a neat trick to find hundreds more keywords. What’s more, it actually works better on smaller sites, and those that have low Google Page Ranks. And of course it’s free!

Watch the video and let me know in the comments below if you find this technique useful!

It’s strange but not many people know about this trick. I’ve not seen many other blogs talk about it. I’ve also been using the Search Console for at least 5 years, and I’ve not done it before.

By the way in the video I show that my Search Console has some additional data on keyword Volume, CPC and Competition. If you want this data as well then download the free Keywords Everywhere browser plug-in. I’m not really fussed by CPC and Competiton, but Volume is a really useful metric. I tend to target any keywords that have a volume of 140 a month or greater. However if I see an interesting keyword with no Volume at all then I might still write a little post about it, or incorporate it into an existing post.

This trick generally works much better if you have images on your site. So if you’re writing a travel blog or a food blog then it will work brilliantly. In the video above I feature keyword data from This wasn’t the best site to use as an example as it doesn’t have that many images on the site. But it works a lot better on e-commerce stores or blogs with lots of photos on.

I’ve found so many keyword ideas from this technique. I’ve also found a few domains listed – they’re useful to add to your own site as links. I’m starting to get convinced that external links on your site is a big green flag to Google, so remember to put them in. I’ve also found a lot of LSI type keywords. One thing that springs to mind is that it comes up with a lot of celebrity names who are related to your niche. Celeb names get so many monthly keyword searches. Even an industry veteran like Darryl Hannah still gets 2,900 searches a month. So remember to do a bit of celeb blogging, whatever your niche. You can use them to give added social proof to your niche (e.g. X and Y follow the paleo diet and don’t they look great!).

Enjoy your keyword research and let me know if this technique works for you! Don’t forget to check your Google Search Console regularly, as new keywords will appear there every week.

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