How Long Are Your Job Keywords? (Spoiler: Not As Long As Google Queries)

The other day I was reading an article on the AHrefs Blog about how long the average number of words a typical Google search query is.

It’s fascinating reading. You need to read it if you still believe in targeting two or three word keywords!

Anyway, that got me thinking – how long are the average job keywords submitted to the Niche Laboratory keyword tool?

The answer is in the charts below.

As you can see, most jobs are composed of two words, and there aren’t that many “long tail” keyword searches. In fact only 5% of job seed phrases have 5 or more words. Compare this to the research by AHrefs who report that 20% of Google searches have 5 or more words in them.

In fact you need to reduce the scale of the Y axis to see the really long tail jobs being submitted:

So in this respect, Niche Laboratory differs from Google in that Niche Laboratory jobs are much broader compared to what’s being searched for on Google. I’m fairly encouraged by this, as Niche Laboratory is designed to give an overview of a broader niche.

But at the same time, maybe you guys aren’t drilling down deep enough. For example, there are plenty of Niche Laboratory jobs being submitted for “diets”, but rather fewer for “paleo diet” or “low carb diets for busy moms”.

The internet is pretty saturated these days, so the way forward for us internet marketers is to go deep, deep niche.

More chart data:

As for the really long phrases users are searching for, what are they?

They can be grouped into:

  1. Pasting errors (phrase pasted 2 or 3 times into the job keyword box)
  2. Titles from blog articles
  3. Comma separated lists of keywords
  4. Genuine “long tail” type searches
  5. Product descriptions
  6. Unknown languages I’ve not yet managed to get the tool to support. These currently appear as long lists of question marks, but I believe they’re Arabic if I had the correct character encoding.

I think the take home message from my quick bit of research is that it is better to go deep niche if possible. So start coming up with 5+ word queries to load into the Niche Laboratory and see what it makes of them.



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