Keyword Researcher Pro Review – Find 400+ Long Tail Keywords in Minutes

Brett from Niche Laboratory here.

In this article and associated YouTube video I’ll guide you through finding long tail keywords using Keyword Researcher Pro.

Executive Summary

I bought this software over 4 years ago and it still works. It cost me a one time fee.  Unlike LongTail Pro there’s no monthly subscription fee.

Pros: Buy once with no monthly subscription. Finds a lot of really long tail keywords. For this review I tested it in the paleo diet niche and it found keywords like how does paleo diet work for weight loss and can eat baked beans paleo diet. In total it found 394 keyword ideas and I just ran the tool on A-H alphabetical queries, not A-Z.

Cons: Cluttered UI. Takes a bit more time setting up projects (I’m sure it used to be more automated than it is now). Sometimes stops working due to a Google ban. The keywords are very specific and the tool works better if you already have a niche site.

How It Works, And What Keywords to Expect

So Keyword Researcher Pro is a tool for finding long tail keywords. It works by scraping the dropdown autocomplete boxes on the Google, YouTube, Amazon and other sites.

Why is this a good thing?

Because these drop down lists contain phrases that people are actually searching for. So it follows that if you write articles based on what people are searching for, then you will get traffic.

Does it work?


I’ve been using Keyword Researcher Pro for many years now. I have a number of established blogs and periodically I do a little bit of keyword research to see if there are any new article writing opportunities for those blogs.

I’ve mainly tended to use Keyword Researcher Pro for my keyword research needs. Sometimes I use the Google Keyword Planner. But I find that the Google keyword tool only has comparatively few keyword ideas for any particular niche. It doesn’t also give you many keyword ideas for NSFW niches. Finally I targeted most of these keywords years ago, and find that I’ve kind of exhausted Google as a keyword source.

Keyword Researcher Pro takes a little while to set up and run, but it does a reasonably good job of guiding you through the process. See my video for a detailed run through of how to set it all up.

Here’s what the user interface looks like:

Eventually I tend to export the keywords into Excel and look at them there. From a list of 600 keyword ideas I might choose 10 or so article ideas. I then use the Niche Laboratory blog headline generator to make me some clickbait worthy article titles.

Here’s what the list of keywords looks like in Keyword Research Pro:

At this point I’ll add that that when I researched the paleo diet niche for this article I found some extremely long longtail keywords. This niche isn’t one I personally blog about so I was surprised at how many interesting keywords it found. My niches are a lot more specialised and I don’t tend to get nearly as many keyword suggestions.

For the paleo niche the following keywords caught my eye:

  • can the paleo diet help you lose weight
  • can eat tomatoes paleo diet
  • how long to see results from paleo diet

So obviously weight loss and diets go hand in hand. The tool found a whole load of can I eat X or Y on the paleo diet. I might not write individual articles for all of these but rather group them into a longer post.

In the video I also give a suggestion about making some kind of Answers site instead of a blog. You can get a WordPress template for this. I’m currently testing out an Answers site in a specific niche – I’ll report back when I get more data as to whether it’s proven successful.

One thing that was disappointing about Keyword Researcher Pro is that it didn’t find the success story related keywords that Niche Laboratory Pro found for this niche. For example, Niche Laboratory found keywords like these:

  • paleo diet 30 day challenge
  • paleo diet 2 month weight loss
  • paleo diet success stories

People LOVE success stories and proof that something they’re about to do actually works – whatever the niche.

Another thing that I found with Keyword Researcher Pro is that it’s very narrow in its selection of keywords. Every single one of the keywords phases the tool found had paleo diet in the phrase. By contrast Niche Laboratory found some closely (and only vaguely) related phrases, such as: primal blue print, paleovegan and keto diet sugar free.

So what’s the take home message here?

If you’re researching a niche then NEVER do all your research in a single keyword tool. You could be leaving lucrative keywords on the table!

I hope you’ve found this review of Keyword Researcher Pro useful. I’ve shown you how this tool can find you some really good keywords, but also that it’s worth using several different tools if you want maximum coverage of a niche.

If you have any comments or questions about keyword tools or keyword research in general then please leave a comment below.

One thought on “Keyword Researcher Pro Review – Find 400+ Long Tail Keywords in Minutes

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