How to Find Big Volume Keywords Your Existing Site Could Rank Well For!

In this episode of NicheLaboratory.TV I’m going to show you how to find some keywords you already rank for but might have overlooked.

To get the most out of this video it will help if you have an existing site that’s at least a year old. It’s even better if the site has plenty of traffic, because we’re going to be targeting some big juicy keywords. Forget about 140 monthly search volume. We’re shooting for keywords that have 1000 or even 12,000+ searches a month in Google.

So why then are these overlooked keywords so important?

  1. Your site will already rank for them.
  2. They have high search volume.

They will bring you heaps of traffic if you can get to page 1 of the search results for these terms.

So how do you find them? And what can you do to improve your rankings for them? Watch the video to find out.

Websites I mention in the video:

By the way – the two keywords I’m going to try and improve Niche Laboratory’s rankings for are: niche finder and keyword finder. For the record as of 23 February 2018 I rank at 7.7 for niche finder and 91.1 for keyword finder based on 90 day traffic. Niche finder has 1,600 volume, keyword finder has 12,100 volume. Neither keywords are that easy to rank for, but I’m hopeful that I can work some magic here.

I’m not really too bothered about revealing these keywords. You’re not going to rank me for them unless you do a lot of hard work and build a keyword tool or something.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video and remember to give the Keywords Everywhere and Google Search Console pairing a go. I’m now looking through my other sites to see if there are some low hanging fruity keywords I might be able to rank for with a bit of effort.

So have you tried improving your rankings for keywords you already rank for? Or are you like the majority of bloggers who are always looking for brand new keywords to write about? I’m certainly guilty of this…


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