Don’t Focus On Keyword Volume! Why? Because These Tiny Volume Keywords Make Millions of Dollars A Year!

Brett from Niche Laboratory here.

I’ve tried out many different keyword tools over the years. Maybe you’ve done the same. Most of them seem to tell you to look for high volume keywords, i.e. those with over 1000 Google searches a month.

Well that’s OK but those keywords are pretty competitive these days, especially since pretty much every keyword with a high volume of searches has been niche sited to death.

So are there alternatives when it comes to keyword research?

Indeed there are. In this post I’ll show you some tiny volume keywords that are actually worth millions of dollars annually!

How do I know they’re so valuable? Because I once worked in their niche during one of my day jobs as a software developer.

So what is the niche, and what are the keywords?

Basically we’re going to be exploring the insurance niche.

Now you probably know about car, home and maybe even pet insurance.

These are huge topics that are incredibly competitive.

But there are many, many smaller niches in insurance. The best of these niches are insurance for particular obscure purposes.

Take these keywords as an example. They’re all in the legal insurance niche:

  • restrictive covenants insurance
  • rights of light insurance
  • right to light insurance
  • church insurance uk
  • chancel repair liability insurance quote
  • chancel insurance quote
  • solicitor insurance
  • restrictive covenant insurance policy
  • absence of easement insurance policy
  • conveyancing insurance cover
  • business legal insurance
  • legal fees insurance

These obscure, little known keywords are potentially very lucrative. Chancel insurance is fairly cheap these days. But the others can cost from thousands to millions of dollars. In other words they cost way more than car, home or pet insurance.

If you want to explore them in more detail, just post them into the Niche Laboratory and see what you come up with.

So what are the downsides to these keywords?

These keywords get tiny search volumes of between 10 and 100 searches a month. So it’s unlikely you’ll get that much traffic to your site.

Another problem is that because there are maybe 3-4 companies that sell this type of insurance in each country, there may not be much bidding activity on AdWords for these keywords. So you could build a niche site but you might not see any relevant ads appearing on your site. In fact these keywords are all attracting bids of less than a dollar. Which definitely does not reflect the underlying value of them!

Fear not though, because if you are prepared to pick up the phone or write a few emails you could strike up some nice Cost per Action (CPA) deals with them, or charge them a fixed month per month to display adverts on your site. Most insurance companies are loaded, so they’ll always be interested in advertising opportunities.

The other issue with these keywords is that you might struggle to write about them because they are so specialised. But if you do have domain knowledge of these, then you could potentially have a nice little niche site on your hands.

Forget niche sites though. The biggest riches in these niches are if you actually start a business in them. Yes, you will need an office, lawyers, underwriters and admin staff. But instead of making 100’s of dollars a year you could be making millions!

Are these good keywords or do they look too daunting? And have you ever started a niche site based on specialist knowledge gained during your day job? Leave your comments below.

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