Stop Using Keyword Tools? Are You Freaking Crazy???

Last night I was browsing YouTube and I came across this video from the guys at Income School. Take a look:

So are they right to say we shouldn’t be using Keyword Research Tools?

In a word – NO!

Of course I’m going to say that. After all I am the creator of the Niche Laboratory keyword research tool.

But that’s not why I recommend using keyword tools.

No, I recommend using keyword tools because THEY WORK.

I’ll give you two real world examples. No, three real world examples of why they work:

  1. When I started the Niche Laboratory blog I did some keyword research using my favourite tool Keyword Researcher Pro. My very first post – How This Web Developer Made Stacks of Passive Income Online was written to target the passive income for web developers keyword I found. It’s now just over a year since I wrote that article and it’s actually one of the most popular posts on this blog.
  2. I maintain a few niche blogs I started way back in 2011. I started them off by doing keyword research. And I still add articles using keyword research. The articles based on keyword research tend to do incredibly well.
  3. As well as finding ideas for new articles, keyword research can open up whole new niches. Yesterday I added a new adult keyword finder option to Niche Laboratory Pro. While I was testing this functionality I found one keyword relating to one of my existing niches. This keyword is an entirely new niche that I’m interested in but I never considered building a blog about. Well that should change because this niche is growing AND it’s lucrative. I have seen products in this niche retailing at $700. Just think of the 6.5% Amazon commission on a sale in this niche – it would be $45.50. And the good news is that this niche is full of wealthy buyers so they WILL buy these things.

So that’s why you should do keyword research! Try out LongTailPro, Niche Laboratory Pro and Keyword Researcher Pro. You’ll find that the money spent buying these kinds of research tools will very quickly repay your initial investment.

Are Jim and Nicky from Income School right or wrong about keyword research? Are keyword tools overrated? Leave your comments below.

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