Niche Laboratory Pro Keyword Finder Tool Updated To 2.6

I’ve just released Niche Laboratory Pro version 2.6. This is a free upgrade from version 2.5.

What’s changed in this version:

  •  I tested all of the data sources to make sure they’re still receiving keyword and other data. I’m happy to confirm that all are still working and only one needed to be repaired. Niche Laboratory uses multiple data sources to try and get as much information about a niche as possible. Not all of the data sources will necessarily work in your region/country though but there are so many data sources that this shouldn’t be an issue.
  • I’ve cleaned up the codebase moving UI functions to a new shared assembly. This makes it much easier to get started on a new project I have an idea for.

Let me know if you have any issues with the update. Generally to get the latest version of Niche Laboratory you need to start the programme then quit again. The second time it should notice there’s an update then give you an option to download it. I’m afraid I still haven’t go the check for updates option working properly… I wish Microsoft had made that easier to implement!

New Project Underway!

Just lately I’ve been using the Niche Laboratory Pro application to find some ideas for another website I’m building. One particular part of Niche Laboratory has proven to be exceptionally useful in finding ideas for things to write about. I want to expand this part of Niche Laboratory into a separate product.

I’ve done some market research and I don’t think there are any other tools out there that do what I want my new utility to do. I take that as a good sign. On the other hand it might mean there’s no demand for it.

Well as I always recommend to you guys – make a version 0.1 of something. It doesn’t matter how bad it is – just get it out there.

I did this with my original software business back in 2002. I made a really rough version 1.0 of a tool. I hooked it up to the RegSoft payment processor and put a price tag of $19.95 on it.

Two weeks later I had my first sale!

Business model proven!!!

So as soon as I have a working prototype of my new tool then I’ll release it.

Watch this space!

Oh, and if you have any feature suggestions for Niche Laboratory then do leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do to make your ideas a reality.

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