Niche Research Commando – Attacking Tough Niches Like a Pro

Niche Research Commando (NRC4) was the name of a shortlived keyword tool for doing niche website research.

Sadly it’s no longer available.

Here’s a Warrior Forum post about it.

It appears there was quite a bit of interest back in 2011. At the time the market leading keyword tool as Market Samurai. But this tool – good though it was – had a pretty expensive price tag.

So there was interest in an alternative keyword tool. However, many people experienced installation problems with Niche Research Command and I can only assume the product was discontinued by its creator John W. Mann.

There was a promised version 2.0 of the software, but I don’t think it was ever released.

The good news is that there are plenty of viable alternatives. My own Niche Laboratory keyword tool works in a similar way to Niche Research Command. It basically grabs the top 10 search results for a keyword of your choosing, then finds you long tail LSI keywords relating to your niche.

Does it work?


I’ve been doing LSI keyword research since 2011 when I bought the LSI keyword software called Web Content Studio. That software would give you a load of keyword suggestions relating to whatever article you were writing at the time. The good thing was that the LSI keywords were not just different permutations of your own keywords. So if you researched dog training then it might also find cat training.

It would also find lots of keywords that you could use to widen the potential search traffic for your articles. For example it might find loads of names of specific dog breeds.

Anyway, enough reading… if you want to see Niche Laboratory Pro in action then watch this video from NicheLaboratory.TV. In this episode I find keywords for the horribly tough SEO/search engine optimisation niche:

I know from my own data that LSI keyword usage in your articles does work. I found a keyword using Web Content Studio and put it in one of my articles. Then I started getting traffic for that particular keyword! I never would have found that keyword without an LSI keyword finding tool.

I no longer use Web Content Studio. Today I tend to do my keyword research using Keyword Researcher Pro or Niche Laboratory. Keyword Researcher Pro is great at finding search terms that you CAN rank for. However, Niche Laboratory is a great way to find a much broader range of topics to write about.

As it happens both keyword tools are excellent alternatives to Niche Research Commando.

What are you currently struggling with? How can I help you with YOUR keyword research? Leave your comments below…

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