These YouTubers Work Their Asses Off And Yet Have Hardly Any Subscribers!

TLDR; which YouTube channels have the least subscribers? Go here to my FindAChannel.Net site  for an up to date list.


I’m Brett, coder and owner of FindAChannel.Net, the internet’s fastest growing directory of YouTube channels.

Many people ask me which channels have the least subscribers.

Well that’s easy to answer – LOADS of channels have one subscriber! In fact there are some with zero subscribers, but you have to be a seriously flawed individual to not subscribe to your own channel!!!

On FindAChannel there’s a page that lists channels with the least subscribers. I have made it a bit more elaborate than just a list of channels with zero or one subscriber. That’s boring. My list is a bit more interesting than that. I wrote a piece of code that rummages through my site’s database and finds channels with a lot of videos, and very few subscribers. Now that’s more interesting. My list contains a whole load of channels where the YouTuber has put in tremendous effort in pumping out videos, but has seen little in return.

Why don’t these people give up? Isn’t YouTube telling them something?

I’m not judging… I’m only here to give you the data.

Here’s my rundown of some of the channels with hardly any subscribers. It’s presented in no particular order.

1. Thunderstorm Sound Bank

As the name of this channel suggests, it’s a channel of thunderstorm noises. This is just the thing if you want to scare your dog or cat. Actually I think this is a topic and not an actual channel, but I’ve left it in the list because it’s so entertaining.

Best video? It has to be Gentle Thunderstorm:

If you found that awe inspiring, then you can be their 43rd subscriber.

2. Security Camera

What were you expecting? It’s a channel of security camera footage.

They’ve made it for the attention deficit generation because the average video is only 16 seconds long. Best video? VID20151119 193701621. At 0:07 the lights come on and I haven’t cried so much since Schindler’s List.

3. Roel Van de Paar

I wouldn’t say that Roel’s technical tips channel is a failure. After all he has accumulated over 5 million views since the channel was started. However this channel makes it onto the list because it is one of the channels with the fewest subscribers compared to the number of videos published. To say Roel is prolific is an understatement – his channel currently has over 900,000 videos!

It’s difficult to pick a winning video because there are no playlists set up. So I’ll just hope this one is popular with you guys:

Ignore the 116 haters that downvoted this video – it’s just simple honest technical advice.

4. Monster SuperMonster

It’s a channel about hair cuts.

Best video? I’ll keep it short and sweet – this video is just 0:03 seconds long and has a bonus if you’re a fan of classic phone ringtones:

5. God’s Love

God loves each and every YouTuber, even if the Google algorithm gods don’t. Actually this channel offers some good honest advice but it’s a shame nobody is listening.

My tip for her – buy a microphone. As for rambling… there’s nothing wrong with that as Scott Adams shows.

That’s all for now. I will keep perfecting the algorithm for finding more quirkly YouTube channels.

My list of channels with the least subscribers changes constantly so check out the latest list here. Let me know if there’s any good ones I’ve missed by leaving a comment below, and what you think they’re doing wrong (or right!).

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