Blog Comments Are Great… Embrace Them!

How do you know if your micro niche site has potential?

One thing that all of my successful mini sites have in common is that they regularly get people posting comments on them. This is a really good sign, because it means you’re connecting with your users and engaging with them.

How do you get comments on your site, especially when starting out?
I find that people tend to be much more willing to post about BAD EXPERIENCES. So it’s a good idea to write articles relating to any scams that might pop up in your niche. For example, scams are rife in the car hire niche, so if I made a niche site about car hire then I would definitely write an article like 10 Car Hire Scams You MUST Avoid.

And another thing – make it easy to post comments! Don’t rely on people having to have Gravatar or Google or Facebook or whatever else. Don’t use incredibly complicated Captcha systems. Just accept name, comment and moderate what you get posted yourself. For what it’s worth, for every good comment I collect I get 250 spam and 3 junk comments from crazy people!

By the way, comments are also a great way to reach out into the wider niche community and connect with movers and shakers. A guy once posted a comment on one of my blogs, and I ended up registering on his forum and posting a lot of content there. We’ve helped each other out ever since.

Thanks for reading, and of course if you have any comments about comments, then post them below!

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