My Domain Buying Addiction Just Got Worse!

OK, I’ll admit it – I’m addicted to buying domain names!

Last night I bought another one. I want to do an ecommerce store, and I had an idea for a nice sounding domain name. Amazingly, the .com was actually available. So I snapped it up for around $12 for two years.

Will I actually build the site?

I do tend to use all of the domains I buy. However, not all of the sites I buy are successful. has been fairly successful. It hasn’t made a lot of income, but it has got traffic and it gives me something to show off at programmer job interviews.

In the old days I used to buy a domain and register it for 10 years. Now I tend to register them for 2 years, and if I don’t make anything out of them in that time, I let them expire. It saves money and allows bad business ideas to die off.

Maybe I should focus on one project and build it up to something massive. Well back in 1995 I went to a management training Summer camp, and I found out I wasn’t a Completer Finisher. Maybe I’m more of a Plant.

Anyway, I’m pleased with the new domain I bought, but I guess the honeymoon period will wear off and I’ll go onto the next idea.

Actually the new domain has the makings of a good passion project. I like these in that because they’re in niches you enjoy, then it’s easier to work on the site, as it doesn’t feel like work.

Oh well, time will tell…

Incidentally, my domain buying hobby is quite a cheap one as I stay well away from premium domain names (i.e. those that are being resold because they’re perceived as being more valuable). Back in 2012 I thought of a good name for a business, but the .com was taken (think I ended up registering for around $10. What a saving! Plus I think the plural form of the domain makes a lot more sense.

How many domains have you bought? Do you actually buy domain names, then never do anything with them? Do you buy premium domains or is my idea of finding nice fresh domains better?

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