Write For Us

Here at Niche Laboratory we’re always interested in high quality guest posts from other bloggers. Niche Laboratory is a well established brand (established in 2013) with stable traffic.

Our blog is mainly read by noobs who want to make money online. Our RSS feed of our recent posts is displayed on our hugely popular network of directory sites including FindAForum, FindABlog, FindAChannel and NicheLaboratory.

What Do We Want?

I am primarily looking for articles that tells noobs how to get started making money online. This can be doing anything, from vlogging on YouTube, to blogging or using URL shorteners to make a quick buck. For examples of what works best here, check out our Popular Articles widget in the sidebar.

People always love stories, so tell us about how YOU have made money online! Failure stories are also popular, i.e. what have you tried but not had any success with?

Articles should be 500 – 2000 words. Include as many links as you like, but they should mostly be to authoritative sites and must not use affiliate links or URL shorteners. If you’ve got a YouTube channel then maybe you can combine the blog post with a video – I do this a lot on the blog (example here).

Original research and photos are welcome – send them in a .zip or .rar attachment with your article. If you want to research stuff then FindAForum, FindABlog, FindAChannel and NicheLaboratory have tens of thousands of pages for you to explore.

If you have a Gravatar let me know and I’ll make you an account on this blog.

What Do We Not Want?

  • We won’t publish anything unrelated to niche websites, SEO or making money online. So don’t pitch us anything related to dieting and weight loss.
  • I will proof read and correct submissions to a certain degree, but poor quality posts will be rejected.
  • We do not publish anything that is not original or uninteresting. We do not publish anything that has already been published.
  • Articles must be in English.

Submitting Your Guest Post

Send me a quick pitch first and I’ll give you a quick Yes or No response. Priority is given to bloggers who have posted comments on this blog.

When you send me a guest post pitch, let me know the proposed title of your article and a brief summary. Also let me know your blog or YouTube channel URL too – if I like them I might offer to write you a guest post!

You can also send me completed blog posts and images (but there’s no guarantee I’ll publish them).

Contact me by emailing brett@brettb.com.